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Wheelchair Store in Talladega, AL

Come to our wheelchair store in Talladega, AL, for a variety of models at every price point. Professional Apothecary DME provides medical equipment that enhances your quality of life. Rely on our wheelchair supplier to have exactly what you need for quality, comfort, and affordability. For more than 53 years, our locally owned and operated business has been taking care of the community's need for prescription medication, as well as medical equipment and supplies. In addition to serving as your local wheelchair company, we serve as a mobility scooter store. Let us help you find the mobility equipment that suits your medical needs and lifestyle. We offer free delivery on wheelchairs.

Woman in Wheelchair in Talladega, AL

Wheelchair Supplier Helps You Remain Independent

Do you require a wheelchair to improve your mobility? Often, people are reluctant to get a wheelchair, fearing a loss of freedom. However, it has been our experience that wheelchairs help our customers retain their pride and independence. You do not have to rely on someone's arm or have anyone slow his or her pace for you. With a wheelchair from our store, you can move about when and where you please. Wheelchairs work in small spaces, such as your home and the doctor's office, as well as in open spaces, such as a large store or shopping center. Stay self-sufficient with one of our affordable wheelchairs. Our store even offers free wheelchair delivery.

Wheelchair Company with Selection of Brand-Name Products

You may need a wheelchair on a temporary or permanent basis. Either way, we are here for you. Our wheelchair company has a wide range of different brands, models, and styles of chairs - even some which are electric. Talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members who are ready to talk about the merits of different types of chairs and find the 1 that best suits your needs.

We recommend wheelchairs that are strong and sturdy, as well as easy to maneuver. Try one out to see what features you prefer. It is our goal to match you to a chair that offers increases your mobility and offers stability and convenience.

Wheelchairs That Meet Your Needs

Let us surprise you with the multitude of options we offer in wheelchairs. We have models that are manual or electric, options that are heavy duty, and selections that accommodate larger sizes and heavier frames. Count on our staff to match your needs to a wheelchair that is comfortable, durable, and affordable.

Contact us today to find affordable and durable wheelchairs to enhance your mobility. Our medical equipment and supplies store serves customers in Talladega, Sylacauga, Childersburg, Pell City, and Vincent, Alabama.