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Hospital Bed Supplier in Talladega, AL

You or an elderly relative may have an illness or medical condition that requires you to remain in bed for an extended period of time. When this is the case, you need something more than a conventional bed.

Turn to our hospital bed supplier in Talladega, AL, for a bed that meets your medical needs. Professional Apothecary DME is a locally owned hospital bed company that provides customers with prescription medication, as well as medical equipment and supplies. Count on us for a great selection of hospital beds, as well as accessories. We provide our customers with free, local delivery. 

Hospital Bed in Talladega, AL

Hospital Bed Company Offers Specialized, Adjustable Beds

Regular beds have taken their cue from hospital beds and offer adjustable features. However, this is not enough for someone who lies prone day after day. Perhaps, you or a loved one has just been discharged from the hospital following surgery. Or maybe you have a medical condition that keeps you in bed. When this is the case, come to our hospital bed store for selection and service.

Hospital Bed Store Provides Customizable Comfort

Medical beds are customizable, so they can be adjusted to meet your special needs. Elevate your head, upper body, legs, or feet for circulation and comfort. You may want to sit up to read or eat a meal, or you may want to recline while watching TV. When you spend all of your time in a bed, it is extremely important that you have the flexibility of changing the settings of a bed to enhance your well-being.

Choose Features That Meet Your Needs

Hospital beds come equipped with features that promote health and prevent complications. For example, staying in bed day after day places pressure on your body that could turn into bedsores. With an adjustable hospital bed and a mattress that reduces friction, you can avoid suffering from this condition. The adjustments also improve circulation. Raising the head or foot of the bed allows for better blood flow.

Elevating the bed itself makes it easier for the caregiver as the patient is on a level that allows this person to comfortably assist the patient with medical and personal needs. Visit our store to the styles and features of hospital beds that we offer. Choose from manual with a crank or electric with a remote control. We offer beds that have full or partial rails on the sides, as well as beds that are made to bear the weight of a heavier individual.

Contact us today to show you different models and features of hospital beds that promote health. Our medical equipment and supplies store serves customers in Talladega, Sylacauga, Childersburg, Pell City, and Vincent, Alabama.