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Shower Chairs in Talladega, AL

The bathroom can be a dangerous place. With the water and tile, things can get wet and slippery and falls are a concern, no matter what your physical age or health status. Add safety to the bathroom with shower chairs in Talladega, AL, from Professional Apothecary DME, a medical equipment and supply store. Come to our locally owned and operated store for supplies that put your health and safety first. We have been in business for more than 53 years. Not only do we provide shower grab bars and bathtub grab bars, we also offer bedside commodes and a host of other supplies. We strive to enhance the quality of life for our customers.

Shower & Bathtub Chairs for Safety & Comfort

When you or a loved one has mobility concerns, it makes the chores of daily living challenging. It should not be dangerous or difficult to take a shower or bath on a daily basis. That is why we offer a wide array of brand-name shower and bath chairs. These chairs and benches are specially designed to be sturdy, comfortable, and steady. We do not recommend just grabbing a plastic chair and putting it in your shower or bathtub. This is not the same thing.

Our shower chairs hold your weight, remain stable while you are sitting and standing, and are easy to clean. Visit our store to choose a shower or bath chair and enjoy your daily time in all that hot, relaxing water.

Shower Grab Bars for Independence & Dignity

You or an elderly relative want to remain independent. Our bathroom supplies help you to do so. Something as simple as installing shower grab bars makes it convenient and safe for you to take your daily shower without any help. This goes a long way to maintaining your personal dignity.

Shower Chair in Talladega, AL

Add Security with Bathtub Grab Bars

Give yourself something to hold onto when getting out of the bathtub. Our medical supplies store carries bathtub grab bars that are safe and secure. These make standing in the tub so much easier and convenient. Ask one of our helpful staff members to help you choose grab bars for your tub or shower.

Bedside Commodes Offer Convenience

When you are ill, injured, or disabled, a trip to the bathroom can be a long and arduous journey. Let us make this quick and convenient for you with a bedside commode. We offer a number of different styles and models, depending on your preferences. Visit our store to see the selection and figure out which commode best serves your needs. We offer free delivery for our medical equipment.

Contact us today for products that make your bathroom a safer place. Our medical equipment and supplies store serves customers in Talladega, Sylacauga, Childersburg, Pell City, and Vincent, Alabama.